Why choose Imagine Rail Journeys?

Whether it’s a luxury trip to the heart of South Africa, an epic rail journey through the Australian outback or an exciting experience back in time between Europe’s most captivating cities, Imagine Rail Journeys have something for everyone.
It’s the Imagine way of doing things. And here’s why:
We’re industry leaders
Since 2011, our founders have been working hard to introduce something different and new to the world of travel. With desire and passion, they’ve bought exceptional value for money to every experience they create.
We love to travel
We know how to create unforgettable experiences because we love to travel! Our expert staff can provide firsthand experience and walk you through all the deals to help answer any questions you may have.
We’ve done the hard work for you
Planning a holiday can be stressful, but with Imagine, it doesn’t have to be! We’ve done the hard part for you by preparing all the best sights and experiences and putting them right at your fingertips.
We offer unique experiences 
Our one-of-a-kind experiences take you through iconic hot spots as well as off the beaten track excursions, so with Imagine, you’re getting far more than an average holiday.
We’re committed to you
Our unsurpassed service doesn’t stop once you’ve booked – we’ll be right by your side until you step on board the train (and even then, we might come too!). With a dedicated Customer Service team, we’re able to answer any questions you have leading up to your trip or following your holiday.